The first Malaysia Saiva Samaya Peravai’s inaugural meeting took place in the year 2001. Delegates from various Saiva Organizations operating in Kuala Lumpur participated in this meeting and were of the view that a special body to represent all the Saiva organizations is
essential. Pursuant to several meetings and discussions regarding the policies and activities, Peravai was registered in 2011.


The inaugural function was held on 14/8/2011 at Sitthi Vinayagar Temple Hall, Petaling Jaya. Peravai started its operation with the blessings of Guru Sivapragasa Desiga Paramaachaari Swami (Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam’s 23rd Guru Maha Sannithanam). More than 700 people attended the inaugural function.


  • Enlighten the world, the truth that Saivism is the dominant religion.
  • Disseminate the truth that Saivism reflects the Tamil’s intellectual way of life.
  • Bring to light the truth that Lord Shiva is the Almighty.
  • Propagate Saivism as the way of life to Hindus and Tamils through Thevaram and Thiruvasagam.
  • Conduct classes on Saiva Siddhantha with the aim of propagating Saivism. Empower the young through seminars and training sessions.
  • Publish monthly magazines on Saivism.
  • Organise classes, seminars, contests and festivities with the aim of spreading Thirumurai.

founder & contributions

The initiative to set up Saiva Samaya Peravai was done by Dr. Nagappan Arumugam in tandem with several other Saiva enthusiasts. Dr. Nagappan Arumugam is academically well qualified in Saiva Siddhantha. He acquired a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics of University Malaya which included the studies of Bhakti Literature. His master’s degree is from Madhurai University where he took up Saiva Siddhantha as a special subject. He then obtained his Phd in Saiva Siddhantha from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University in Tirunelveli.


Dr. Nagappan Arumugam took up optional retirement at the age of 50 to learn and propagate Saivism after rendering services as a teacher in Tamil school, secondary school and as a lecturer at Teacher’s Training College. He has served in Malaysia Hindu Sangam at both supportive and administrative roles. He was active in religious propagation as well as publication of religious monthly magazine called ‘Sakthi’. Having established Saiva Samaya Peravai, he further established a supporting organisation called Yayasan Falsafah dan Institusi Saiva. With the financial support and assistance rendered by Saiva Siddhantha students, a 7.5 acres’ land has been purchased, wherein a beautiful temple is to be built for Lord Shiva. An educational academy for Tamil and Saivism advancement is also planned to be built on that land.